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When you partner with me, you gain a proven B2B SaaS marketing expert with a long track record who closely understands your business and is committed to achieving rapid growth that taps into your full potential. To reach and scale even larger goals, I will assemble a team of the best star talents built on the belief that when the right minds and ideas connect, anything’s possible.
Increase in ICP leads YoY
“Sebastian was instrumental in transforming our marketing function into an opportunity-generating machinery that now represents one-third of all our new business ARR.”
Martin Linder
VP Marketing & Sales, Jobylon
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Marketing Services designed for your long-term growth.
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Account-Based Marketing
Focus your resources on high-value accounts. By providing a tailored buyer experience to the buyer committee of your target accounts, you will achieve a higher return on investment.
What I do: Strategy, ICP targeting, advertising, sales enablement, coaching, martech
Demand Generation
Fill the top end of the funnel by generating engaging and educational content that effectively promotes your brand and attracts a larger audience to your business.
What I do: Inbound marketing, campaign frameworks, content creation, paid social, organic social, analytics
Demand Capturing
Persuade and convert users into leads who are interested in your product to choose your solution. Utilize intent-based data to create personalized marketing campaigns that resonate with your target audience.
What I do: High-intent marketing, CRO, paid advertising
Marketing Automation
Provide valuable experiences, at scale. Streamline, automate, and measure marketing and sales processes, optimize workflows to improve operational efficiency, and grow revenue faster.
What I do: Strategy, implementations, lead scoring models, rev ops, martech, data models
Content Marketing
Create and share valuable, relevant content to attract and engage your ideal target audience, ultimately leading to lasting relationships, trust, and conversions.
What I do: Content strategy, thought leadership, organic social, web pages, copywriting, blog posts, webinar
Use the right technology to provide personalized user experiences, create meaningful conversations, leverage your customer needs and behaviours, and promote effective
What I do: CRM strategy, implementation, CDP, user engagement, retention
Web Development
Offer modern, user-first, and conversion-optimized web experiences. Hard-coded, in WordPress, Hubspot, Framer, or Webflow.
What I do: Website building, landing pages, templates, conversion rate optimization
Reporting & Analytics
Data is flowing and channels are growing. Discover what is hidden, attribute it to the right channels, and get the reporting infrastructure you need to make the right decisions.
What I do: Lead attribution, revenue tracking, data mapping
Marketing Strategy
Identify your unique playbook, new growth opportunities, how to expand to new markets or how to let your marketing and sales team use product-based signals more efficiently.
What I do: GTM, PLG, ICP identification, acquisition

My 3-step process to boost your marketing.

Free audit
As part of most projects, you will get a free audit of your current situation. This will help me to identify your current challenges and build the foundation for choosing the right strategies to reach your goals.
Strategy definition
We will begin our relationship with a strategy session, where we look at the goals and what it takes to take you there. You will get a presentation deck with recommendations and a growth and action plan.
Based on the strategy and your growth plan, I will assemble the required team and resources and work hands-on on the selected focus areas to take you to the next level. We’ll check in regularly via Slack to update and align.

Why choose me?

Many agencies often excel in B2C or e-commerce, become quickly unengaged and lack understanding of B2B and SaaS models in fast-paced startup and scaleup companies. Choose the no-brainer alternative to unspecialised agencies or expensive in-house hires.
What you will get:
A specialised B2B SaaS partner who knows your business model
10+ years of experience in startup and scaleups journeys
Personal, hand-picked growth squad
A proactive, agile, fast-paced partner
Direct communication via Slack, dashboards and overviews
No hidden fees. No cost-per-hours models. No surprises.
Traditional Agencies
What you WILL GET, but Won't HELP:
Often have its core within B2C or help retail or e-commerce brands
Unfocused experience from various industries
Account manager & changing teams
Passive vendor, waiting for you to act
Slow email response times and monthly check-ins
Intransparent fee structures. Started hours counting against your retainer.

Success stories
from my past work

“Sebastian was instrumental in transforming our marketing function into an opportunity-generating machinery that now represents one-third of all our new business revenue."
Martin Linder
VP Marketing & Sales, Jobylon
“Sebastian knows the user, knows the magic and really is connecting the two for delivering great results. If you need a top-class growth-focused demand generation pro, he is the go-to-person to fill and nurture your sales pipeline."
Lindsay Hedenskog
Head of Creative Studio, Tink
“The most motivated professional I've ever had the pleasure to work with. He is constantly bringing clever ideas to the table with well-thought-out plans of execution and strategy to back them up."
Fredrik Rubin
Head of Sales, Bannerflow
“A very bright, social and hardworking person. He fully understand the importance of closing the gap between marketing and sales. I would recommend them for any international marketing position."
Tobias Thalbäck
VP Sales, Netigate
“I hired Sebastian to build a fully working CRM solution for Plejmo, and if I had the chance to do that again, I definitely would!"
Mathias Eglund
Magine Consumer Group
“Sebastian has the ability to see the greater strategic picture and dive deep into the details, all at the same time. This made our collaboration as a product x growth duo efficient, very productive, and enjoyable."
Noel Duarte
Product Growth Manager, Platform24

Partnerships and Expertise That Fuel Your Growth

My partnerships, certifications, and years of experience across your marketing and growth stack will take your marketing to the next level.

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